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Hu Biao Wan Jin You - Tijgerbalm Wit

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Tension headache is the most common headache. It may feel like a constant ache that affects both sides of the head or a tightness/feeling of pressure behind the eyes. They can be triggered by things like stress, tiredness, dehydration and they can get in the way of getting on with your day.

Tiger Balm white can be used to relieve tension headaches. Simply rub the balm onto the forehead or temples for effective pain relief.

  • Works where it hurts
  • Unique Formula with active herbal ingredients
  • For muscular aches and pains (Adults and children aged 2 years and older) rub gently on the affected parts of the skin.
  • For tension headaches (Adults only) apply the ointment onto the forehead or temples and lightly rub in a circular motion.

Camphor, Mild analgesic, rubefacient and counter-irritant properties
Cajuput oil , A stimulant and mild rubefacient
Menthol , Mild analgesic and rubefacient properties
Clove oil A counter irritant with mild analgesic properties

Only for external application. Suitable for those aged 12 years and older. Always read the label.



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