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Qing Liang You - Muscle and Joint Balm White

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Muscle and Joint Balm -  Qing Liang You - 清涼油

EN: Releasing heat, refreshing, stopping itching and alleviating pains.
CN: 清凉散热,醒脑提神,止痒止痛。
PL: Uwalnia gorąco i odświeża, powstrzymuje swędzenie i łagodzi ból.

20g per piece

Suggested Use: 
Using the stick, roll the balm onto the desired body parts several times daily. Covering the body parts after application will increase the warmth and lengthen the time of its effecacy.

Paraffinum Molle Alba (Fan Shi Lin) 
Paraffinum (Shi La) 
Mentholum (Bo He Nao) 
Oleum Eucalypti (An Ye You) 
Oleum Menthae (Bo He You) 
Camphor (Zhang Nao) 
Flos Caryophylli (Gong Ding Xiang) 
Oleum Cinnamomi (Rou Gui You) 
Oleum Camphori (Zhang Nao You)
凡士林 (Fan Shi Lin) 
石蠟 (Shi La) 
薄荷腦 (Bo He Nao) 
桉葉油 (An Ye You) 
簿荷油 (Bo He You) 
樟腦 (Zhang Nao) 
公丁香 (Gong Ding Xiang) 
肉桂油 (Rou Gui You) 
樟腦油 (Zhang Nao You)


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