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Wong To Yick - Wood Lock Medicated Balm - 黄道益活络油

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Wong To Yick - Wood Lock Medicated Balm - 黄道益活络油

-Wong To Yick Wood Lock (Woodlock) Oil is a medicated oil used for muscle aches and pains, sprains, strains of muscles and tendons. Deep and penetrating, it moves stagnation of blood at the injury site . Product of Hong Kong

EN: Stimulating blood circulation and resolving blood stasis, dredging channels and subduing swellings.
CN: 活血化瘀,通絡消腫。
PL: Pobudza krążenie krwi i usuwa jej zastoje, uwalnia i odblokowuje kanały oraz zmniejsza obrzęki.

50ml per bottle

Suggested Use: 
For external use only, apply to the affected area, 3-5 times a day.

For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not use on sores or open wounds. Do not use during pregancy.

Mentholum (Bo He Nao) 
Oleum Gaultheriae (Dong Qing You) 
Camphorum (Zhang Nao)

薄荷腦,冬青油 ,樟腦 


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